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Big kiss from the crazy guinguette

A Love Supreme — welcome to l’opérette.

It’s huge, it’s sparkly, c’est la fête !

“… In short: This concert must go on tour, it must be heard everywhere, even abroad where it would be a worthy example of what today’s French jazz does best in terms of total performance.” JAZZ Magazine

“A contemporary jazz band that fills a thousand-seat venue and causes a standing ovation … Note to organizers: If you don’t fall for this band, maybe you should find another job!” Citizen Jazz

The teaser!

With a joy that’s contagious, the Grand Orchestre du Tricot has delivered a genuine musical gem, and the audience fell in love completely, vibrating in an incredible moment of musical communion during which every spectator had the feeling of attending an event, of witnessing the birth of a star!”- Mag ‘Centre