One of the surprising specificities about Radiation10 is its orchestral attributes, compiling punch and
flexibility of a small band with sound wealth of a massive orchestra. Its uncommon instrumentation
(three brasses, four strings, two percussions) evolves between all-electric and acoustics.

Founded in 2006, Radiation10 claims a music with no leader and no border, mixing jazz, progressive
rock, chamber music, indus, with some huge tendence to improvising. The multiplicity of instrumental
combinations allow a free and inventive musical purpose.

Be careful : explosive concerts ! 

Une instrumentation très inhabituelle qui témoigne d’une très grande diversité d’influences, telles que le jazz, de la musique de chambre jusqu’au rock progressif.
France Musique, X. Prévost

Une Nouvelle galaxie musicale fondée sur un formidable travail orchestral des timbres et des fonctions instrumentales.
Jazzmagazine, F. Bergerot

The second cd, Bossa SuperNova, is available since may 2013.