Maybe Mingus’ ghost took a side trip to France and somehow  stuck  himself to  Papanosh for awhile, because the band’s “Oh Yeah! “ project has an explosiveness that positively vibrates with the spirit of the  Mingus “workshops.”  

From the use of  traditional music as a springboard to  the caustic and absurd sense of humor and the mult-faceted storytelling with blasts of collage, so many of the qualities that are the lifeblood of  Mingus ‘ recordings can be found in the Papanosh Oh Yeah! project.  

With the help of the great saxophonist from New York, Roy Nathanson, (Sotto Voce, Jazz Passengers)  and the wildly talented trombonist Fidel Founeyron (ONJ – french National Jazz Orchestra), Papanosh has dove headfirst into a crazy session of  spiritualism full of improvised compositions, impromptu songs, and disordered rearrangements.




After a week in Brooklyn in February, the collective energy plays ad infinitum. Papanosh’s workshop is full of panache, of blasts inspirated by Mingus’ collages, with delicious sense of blues and infectious Hammond grooves. Elsa Boublil, France Inter

“that’s the kind of music we want to see on stage […]Their music gets under your skin, to your heart, your hands, feet, and legs start to move on the beat, your eyes follow them hypnotized, and the party begins !”-Elsa Boublil – Jazzmagazine Jazzman, Mai 2014