Meeting with students and amateur musicians is essential when it comes to sharing and transmitting music. Fidel shares his passion with the utmost enthusiasm.

Playing with orchestras

Fidel’s first musical experiences took place within fanfare orchestras and concert bands, in southwestern France. Convinced of the importance of this type of ensembles to learn to play together, Fidel started composing original music for amateur orchestras.

The pieces he wrote are of varying difficulty, and suitable for all levels — from young beginners to the most experienced musicians. The social dimension is essential to these meetings with orchestras, which are meant to be privileged moments of exchange.

Past events:

  • Tribu brass band – Dijon (21) – 2015
  • Fanfare du Carreau du Temple – Paris (75) – 2014 – 2016
  • Big band at the conservatoire de Stains (93) – 2015
  • L’Orphéon Méléhouatts – Orchestre de l’Ecole Nationale de Musique d’Angoulême (16) – 2013
  • Orchestre des jeunes de l’Union Musicale Des Landes – Saint Sever (40)- 2008



Music workshops

Fidel’s classes may focus on different angles:

  • Idiomatic improvisation – jazz, free improvisation
  • Research of sounds
  • Workshops on rhythm
  • Playing together – work on the sound as a group
  • Work on the creation of a collective arrangement


As one of France’s trombone specialists, Fidel is regularly called upon to share his experience and knowledge of the instrument.

His interventions tackle the trombone’s “traditional” technical aspects as well as its most recent developments.

Students’ desires and goals are taken into account, and together with Fidel, they come up with ways to achieve them (a working method); the aim being to trigger a personal reflection coming from the musicians themselves.

Past Masterclasses:

  • Conservatoire de Poitiers (March 2015)
  • Conservatoire de Tarbes (January 2015)
  • Conservatoire de Blois (November 2014)


X-rays is a souvenir of one morning spent discovering the blues with young students. To preserve their identities, an X-ray effect was added …


X-ray Blues from Fidel Fourneyron on Vimeo.

Discovering the blues