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Founded in 2010 for a local tour in south-west France ( around the Bay of Biscay), the Oily Dogs is a cheese and wine loving gaelic tribe of good-humoured minstrels.

However they like to step into foreign music territories : from cumbia to India, from tango to disco, they master a wide range of musical styles with a slightly sarcastic sense of humour.

Extraordinary skilled and versatile they are highly recomanded for a successful party !

After more than 35 concerts in one year, The Oily Dogs has become a major band in the area of rock music and world jazz.

They performed in several prestigious venues in Europe : Young jazz festival in Foligno (Italy), Mens Alors !, Jazz in Les Vans, Jazz à Luz, Festival Météo (Mulhouse), at Piccolo’s…

They’ve been invited to feature with famous european artists such as Rétroviseur (parisian free-jazz band), The swedish diva Linda Olah and the rapper Djizz.

The Oily Dogs are really famous.