Five young free spirits of France’s new wave of jazz get together to hijack popular tunes, leaving the audience with the very particular feeling of listening to a live jukebox that has a mind of its own.

Led by the young pianist Fabrizio Rat, this shape-shifting quintet revisits 20th-century hits, spicing them up with its secret (hot!) sauce. Contrary to what its name suggests, there’s nothing automated or machine-like about this band: With Jukebox everything is distorted, oblique, nebulous.

Their fifty frivolous fingers give a new buzz to tunes by Elvis, Madonna or Jacno. With a piano tuned to sound like a balafon, brass instruments that trade notes for blowing sounds and a bowed double bass, the five musicians — all leading figures of the jazz revival in France — explore the limits of their instruments to generate a truly unprecedented sound, somewhere between free jazz, electro-acoustic explorations and downright crazy pop. 

Jukebox – Movie+Live Music: The Easy Life

A living and breathing jukebox made of atypical improvisers and explorers revisits The Easy Life (“Il Sorpasso”) the Italian comedy masterpiece. Far from being a mere live performance of the soundtrack, Jukebox deconstructs and rebuilds the cult movie’s score.